Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer son

We walked tonight, the dog and I, while a little person we haven’t met rode along inside.
A distant baseball game and the sound of backyard sprinklers are clearer than ever on this cloudless evening.
And I hum as I stroll and dream about holding his hand – tomorrow? Next week?  Surely, God, no more than that?
And it’s as though my little passenger is reading my mind. A determined hand reaches up, up, pushing against the wall of his small world.
An invisible hand with five tiny fingers – so close yet so frustratingly unkissable just yet.
So for now I playfully push back and swallow some night air
and I wonder if my son can taste it the same way I can -
If he can appreciate the smell of wet wood chips and the freshness of a summer night and the rhythm of a tiny dog yanking eagerly on her leash.
His hand nudges the barrier between us once again, and I stop wondering.

He’s a son of summer, this one.  
July and I will be his first loves.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's time you met me. (a guest post by Buttons Bagley)

I am Buttons.
Let me tell you about myself. 

Some formalities when you come to my house: 
  • I will stand up and hug you.
  • You must pet me behind my ears.
  • I believe we are friends now. Please do sit down so we can snuggle.

Some facts about myself:
  • I am gentle, unless you are a grasshopper or chew toy. Then you must watch out for me.

  • I will still like you after a bath, but please allow me 15 minutes to not be your friend.
  • I will still like you when you put me in my cage. But when you return, can we hug and snuggle? 
  • I know I am not allowed on the bed at night.  This is a rule I choose to ignore.

  • Walks are my favorite activity.
  • If I cannot go for a walk, please do at least open the blinds so I can sit in the windowsill and stare at the cat across the street.

  • I will get embarrassed and walk away if you catch me eating from my bowl.  
  • Belly rubs make me forget all my troubles.

Nice to meet you. I love you. And you and you and you.  Can we please snuggle now? 

P.S. I do not like snow boots. Please watch this video of the saddest winter day.